B=MAP, Wait What?

Consistency is key and small habits make a difference. Partner Willy Fisher explains how the small things can help you reach  #FinancialIndependence

Six Steps to Make You More Productive

Have you had issues with productivity? Rick Fisher is providing 6 tips on how you can stay on course and win the day!

Have You Checked Your Beneficiaries Lately?

Legacy Planning is important part of your financial journey and an often overlook part is reviewing your beneficiaries. Sit down with Rick Fisher as he discuss reasons why you should review who you are leaving your assets behind to.

4 Habits of Retired Millionaires

Join Willy Fisher as we discuss the 4 habits of retired millionaires and how you can create a #retirement plan that works for you.

Retirement Planning

This week Willy discusses the importance of planning properly for retirement. *If a couple is aged 65, one of them could live to 90 Source: Social Security Administration (2017)

Long-Term Care

This week, Willy talks about the risk of long-term care costs on our assets in our income.

Investment Behavior

In this video tip of the week, Rick discusses why investment behavior is more important than investment selection.

College Savings

Are you planning to save for your child’s college tuition? If so, check out Rick’s new video where he talks about how rising college costs have made it imperative to save properly.


This week, Willy discusses one of the many pillars for any successful long-term investor: diversification. According to Willy, “portfolios should be diversified with your specific objectives in mind….

Estate Planning

Critical to every financial plan is a good estate plan. This week, Rick discusses the basic documents that you should have in place as well as other important factors that may need to be a part of yo…