Risk Management

Even after losing income for a little while, it can be difficult to get back on track—especially as the bills keep piling up. What’s more, the risk of lost income increases as you age. You could lose income to disability, sickness, or the death of a spouse. Risk management services are designed to mitigate the disastrous effects that loss of income can cause, helping you and your family to stay afloat in times of need. We have decades of combined experience helping clients with risk management, and can help you choose the right insurance plans to help you overcome even the worst setbacks.

Life Insurance

Responsible financial planning doesn’t just mean saving up for the best—it also means planning for the worst. If the unthinkable happens, you’ll want your family to be protected once you’re gone. Our team of financial planners can offer expert advice on the life insurance plan that best meets your needs, budget, and expectations. If you’ve never purchased a life insurance policy, we can guide you through the process. We can also provide you with access to the most suitable life insurance plans. We know it’s a tough subject, but give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Disability Insurance

Whether short-term or long-term, caused by an accident or an illness, disability is a major cause of lost income for American workers. Disability insurance is meant to offset both lost income and additional medical costs (though it’s not intended as a replacement for a major medical plan). Short-term disability is intended to help you get back on your feet if you’re disabled for a few months or less—because being out of work for even a few weeks can hurt your finances. Long-term disability, on the other hand, is intended to provide financial support if you can’t work for an extended period of time, even permanently. Whatever the reason you’re investigating disability insurance, we’ll find the right plan for you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance (not to be confused with long-term disability insurance) is intended to cover services that Medicare doesn’t. Americans are living longer than ever before, and with that extended life expectancy comes an increased need for long-term care. Home health aides, private duty nurses, and other professionals who assist with the tasks of daily living are essential, but not cheap. Long-term care insurance helps you cover some of these expenses. Our consultants can help you select one of these important plans.