Be Your Most Organized Self This Year

A planner can be a game-changing tool—one that really causes you to not only plan for change, but to stick to it. It’s something you can go back to when you need a reminder of your daily tasks, long-term goals, or any weekly plans you have.

However, it can be difficult to keep up with one if you’re not the most organized person. Heed these planner tips this year so you can stay organized in every aspect of your life.

Keep it all on one planner.

Having a separate planner for home, school/work, and life may seem like a good idea, but it’s better to have it all in one place, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Instead of keeping things in different planners, simply put tabs in your one planner to keep all of your tasks and life events organized.

Cross things off.

As they say, it’s the little things that matter most. The same goes for your planner—if you don’t cross things off, you might be more susceptible to feeling stressed; like something didn’t get done. As you go about your daily tasks and activities, be sure to cross off responsibilities that are accomplished.

Sync with your phone.

Not everything in your planner has to be in your phone (unless you want it to be), but be mindful of especially important tasks or events that can’t be overlooked. These should be added to your calendar or your notes app, that way you won’t forget them.

Use the monthly view.

Every planner has a general overview page for each month, on top of the weekly pages. Utilize this monthly view! You can put more general tasks and events there—things that don’t necessarily need your attention every day.

Choose one that’s portable.

There are perks of larger planners, and they certainly are beneficial for specific people. But if you find that you’re not keeping up with your planner because it’s not on you at all times, then it may be time to switch to something more portable. A smaller planner may be just what you need to have optimal organization.

This article was prepared by ReminderMedia.

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