How to Acclimate Your Work Routine to Winter Weather

The snow has begun to fall and it officially feels like winter. Your usual work routine may need some minor adjustments to ensure that you are productive and ready to tackle each day.

Dress in layers

The outdoors may be freezing, and the office may be as well. Be sure to bundle up for the varying temperature you will encounter throughout the day.

Keep your car in check

Make sure your car is ready for the cold: check your tires, keep a brush in your car, and double-check the heating system.

Wake up earlier

Instead of jumping in your car and heading off to work like you would during the warmer months, you may need to give your car a few minutes to wake up as well. Weather can be unpredictable this time of year, and traffic patterns may change as a result. Leaving ten minutes earlier may not be the worst idea.

Stay warm

Keep a blanket or extra sweater at work or in your car. You never know if the heat will always work or exactly how cold the day ahead will get.


Keep nonperishable snacks stocked and have a portable charger readily available as well. You never know if there will be a power outage or emergency where you get stuck in one place for longer than expected.

Be prepared for all the winter season may entail. This will relieve stress and allow for more productivity no matter what is thrown your way.

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